Koganecho Bazaar 2017- Double Façade: Multiple ways to encounter the Other

Koganecho Bazaar is an annual art festival held since 2008, with the themes of relationships between art and community and engaging with Asia. For the milestone of the 10th edition, Kubota Kenji is invited as guest curator. The diverse program, featuring not only exhibited artwork but also work-in-progress, participatory programs and more, is focused on inquiring into a world where people can coexist with mutual respect and engage in two-way interaction while understanding their differences from one another.

Dates [vol.1] Fri, August 4 ‒Wed, September 13, 2017
[vol.2] Fri, September 15 ‒ Sun, November 5, 2017
*Closed on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
*Some of the exhibits will be changed in vol.2, with new works also added.
Holding Time 11:00-18:30
*Closed at 20:30 during 10/27 – 29 and 11/2 – 4
Venue Hatsunecho, Koganecho and Hinodecho neighborhoods, studios beneath the Keikyu train tracks from Hinodecho to Koganecho Station, and other locations
Admission fee Included in Combination Ticket.
Koganecho Bazaar only: 700 yen
(passport-style ticket / admission free for junior high school students and younger)
Organizer Koganecho Area Management Center,
and the Hatsunecho-Koganecho and Hinodecho Environment Cleanup Initiative Conference