【Green light―An artistic workshop】
KITAZAWA Jun's Workshop / Making Collage of an Ideal Urban Space (10.22)

Green light – An artistic workshop explores a variety of perspectives on migration and belonging, eliciting exchanges of knowledge, experiences, and values. It suggests new models of community and provides a forum for discussing the current geopolitical issues around global and internal migration.
Green light – An artistic workshop is thought of as a welcoming act that shines a green light to asylum seekers, migrants, and refugees. In presentations of the workshop elsewhere, asylum seekers and refugees are joined by members of the public and student volunteers in building lamp modules based on a design by Eliasson and in an educational program, called Shared learning that comprises seminars, lectures, artistic interventions, psychological and legal counselling, and creative workshops. Given that Japan accepts very few asylum applicants into the country, for Yokohama the Green light project has been adapted to focus on examining the barriers to integrating people from different backgrounds that exist in Japanese society today.
The shared learning on October 22 will be led by the artist KITAZAWA Jun who will invite participants to imagine a city where inclusion and co-existence are possible.

【Green light―An artistic workshop】
KITAZAWA Jun’s Workshop “Making Collage of an Ideal Urban Space”

Theme:Inclusion, Co-existence

In this session of shared learning led by artist, KITAZAWA Jun will give a talk on his experience of migrating to Indonesia in 2016 and working on the project “Ideal Home Contest” with a community in Jakarta whose residents have been forced out of their homes as a result of urban development. After his talk, he will invite the participants to work on a collage to imagine an ideal cityscape in Minatomirai where people with different cultural background could co-exist.
* Lamp building workshop will not be held this day.

An artist, representative of Jun Kitazawa office Yakumo, working in collaboration with local government, education facilities, medical institutions, companies, local communities, and NPOs to develop art project related to people’s daily life in Japan and rest of the world. Among all the projects presented, “to create another daily life” is the core concept. Living room, Home, School, Town, Hotel, Museum… are the spaces that filled with normal times, artist proposes new perspectives to daily life, and applies art projects to trigger the creative community in society. Using the factors from local area and building up relationship with local community in order to create a long-term art project that records the shift of value, artist proposes “community-specific” art projects. Important projects includes LIVING ROOM, which collects exchangeable second hand furniture and organize different events in this public “living room”, My Town Market, which builds up the township in temporary housing after tsunami, and SUN SELF HOTEL, which applies solar energy to empty houses in community to create a self-made “hotel”

Dates Sunday, October 22, 2017
Holding Time 13:30-16:00 (13:30-14:30 Talk / 14:30-16:00 Workshop)
Venue Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition space, Yokohama Museum of Art
Target 12+
Capacity 15
Admission fee Free for ticket holders of Yokohama Triennale 2017
(Pre-registration necessary.)
Application period - October 20 23:59
*First-come-first-serve basis
Organizer Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale